The Debate


These days, the only thing the French have in mind is the presidential election and its famous Debate. It’s the same for us and our dear parisian girls…

Sorry for not publishing steadily. We’ll try to follow this woman’s advice to be happy. « In bed or in politics it’s just the same: less talk, more action. »

Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing


10 réflexions sur “The Debate

  1. Fantastic piece. I agree, we do need less talk and more action. Will we get it, only time will tell. Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it. And yes, I know advertising says a lot of our society, a lot of art was used for propaganda at different times, not all see it it and realize. And I agree, it’s still being done today, just differently. Have a great weekend. Love from Scotland!

    • I know we’re such rubbish…we’ve been overloaded with work lately. Promise we’ll be back very very soon! btw, I’m absolutely impressed by your art work, very inspirational ! xxx

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